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Acis and Galatea

Eboracum Baroque return to the Arcola Theatre to present Handel’s pastoral “little opera” Acis and Galatea, accompanied by a small orchestra of period instruments. In this intimate space evoking a naturalistic, outdoor setting, the audience are invited to join the wedding celebrations of Acis, a shepherd, and the semi-divine nymph Galetea. Of course, love’s course never runs smoothly and the couple’s delight is interrupted with the arrival of the wretched giant Polyphemus, whose jealous love for Galatea causes him to ‘rage’ and ‘burn’. Acis’s fellow shepherds warn him he is unable to overcome the wrath of Polyphemus, Acis refuses and pledges his eternal love for Galatea. Polyphemus, in witnessing this tender moment, flies into a drunken rage, brutally beating Acis to death.The opera concludes with Galatea transforming Acis’s body into a beautiful stream, thus immortalising him in nature.

Acis – Gareth Edmunds
Galatea – Naomi Sturges
Damon – Nils Greenhow
Coridon – Angie Hicks
Polyphemus – Charlie Murray
Eboracum Baroque Chorus

Conductor – Chris Parsons

Arcola Theatre,
Wednesday 20th August 2014
20.00 - 21.30
The Church of St Andrew and St Mary, Grantchester
19.00 - 21.00
Great St Mary’s, Cambridge
19.00 - 21.30
The Church of St Andrew and St Mary, Grantchester
Great St Mary’s, Cambridge