Handel’s Messiah CD for sale

Handel’s Messiah CD:

£7.50 for our Messiah CD (including postage costs) 

£18.00 ALL THREE of our CDS (including postage costs) 

£20.00 ALL THREE of our CDS plus an Eboracum Tote bag (including postage costs)

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Messiah features many of Handel’s most famous choruses and arias notably the Hallelujah chorus. Originally composed in 1742 it is now one of the most performed works of classical music of all time across the world.

Over the years, we have created our own interpretation of Messiah, piecing together the different versions that Handel performed during his lifetime. This recording is not at attempt at recreating a performance from the time, but an amalgamation of different versions to create our own unique offering of this remarkable piece. You may spot a few differences on the way; from the original jaunty 12/8 version of Rejoice Greatly to a shorter version of Why do the Nations (the version that Handel used most during his life). Featuring a small ensemble of period instruments and choir of 11 singers acting as both the soloists and chorus, we hope this CD provides an exciting take on Handel’s masterpiece.

We also have two other CDs available to purchase via our website and at all our events.

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