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Purcell and a pint

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Eboracum Baroque transport you back to the alehouses of 17th century England with a virtual pub gig in collaboration with Calverley’s Brewery. It will include rowdy drinking songs, popular fiddle tunes and folk songs that would have been performed in taverns across the British Isles. Have your drinks at the ready and join us for a good sing song! We’re delighted to be joined by Calverley’s Brewery who will present a beer tasting interval, readying us for the pubs re-opening later this year.

Purcell was notorious for liking a trip to the pub, one story about Purcell’s death goes that he was late home from a rather heavy night and his wife locked him out and he succumbed to the cold. His bawdy catches and well known broadside ballads would have been popular tunes to sing when having a pint.  The raucous surroundings overflowed with music, alcohol, sex, gossip, fights, fumes, shouting, singing, laughing, dancing…. Our performance won’t have all of those! 

We’d be really grateful, if you feel able to do so, to give a small donation at the end of this concert. In these challenging times we are extremely grateful for your support. We recommend a donation of £10-£15 but any donation is gratefully received if you are able to make one. This donation will go towards supporting the musicians you have heard today as well as helping to secure the future for Eboracum Baroque. See more information about how to do this securely online at the link below:


Saturday 20th March 2021
19.00 - 20.30