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The Charles II Playlist

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Eboracum Baroque welcome you into Charles II’s palace bedroom, now part of Newmarket’s National Horse Racing Museum, for an evening of music fit for a king. Featuring songs by Henry Purcell and John Blow and instrumental works by Matthew Locke, we imagine what tracks would have been at the top of Charles II’s playlist. 

Our programme this evening takes us back to a glorious blossoming of musical activities with the return of Charles II to the throne in 1660. His restoration brought about the return of music on a grand scale. Charles II had witnessed the musical splendour of Louis XIV’s court at Versailles during his time in exile in France and he was determined to emulate this grandeur in his own court on the other side of the channel. 

This concert is not aimed at recreating an exact performance Charles would have heard but aims to give a snapshot of the composers and musicians who made up his court across 25 years until his death in 1685. It perhaps offers us in modern times, a playlist that Charles II might have enjoyed in his bedroom whilst visiting Newmarket.

Saturday 10th April 2021
19.00 - 20.00