Introducing our BaRocks! Animateur, Max Bronstein


Our Principal Trumpeter, Max Bronstein has been a driving force behind the creation of BaRocks! the education arm of Eboracum Baroque. Working in collaboration with Chris Parsons, the Artistic Director of Eboracum Baroque they have successfully delivered a number of exciting education projects. We hope to continue to go from strength to strength with this area of our output and bring baroque music to as wide an audience as possible. Max had these words to say on how important our outreach work is:

‘When I was in my fourth year of study at the Royal Academy of Music, I was aware of the crossroads that I had reached. While studying, I had became very aware of what outreach can do, not just for the community, but also for the musician themselves. Open Academy projects had not just been a means to an end, but they have started a process for me that allowed me to appreciate the possibilities for the modern musician. This role is diverse, and to be able to be a music leader and an effective communicator has become very important to me.

The education and outreach work that I had done made me very musically fulfilled, even as much as coming off stage. I made a decision to opt more towards outreach work as a musician, because I loved the kind of work that I had so far experienced. Outreach work and the performing that I do can very much go hand in hand. For me, they complement each other so well and I couldn’t see one working without the other. I am really excited to be working on BaRocks! with Eboracum Baroque developing a interactive outreach programme for the ensemble and spreading baroque music far and wide.’

We are very excited about continuing to develop our education and outreach work and do not hesitate to get in touch if you might know of schools or organisations interested in such work.

You can read more on Max Bronstein’s website here.




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